TPR Systems RV 310 resin is a modified methacrylate resin of high flexibility which is – up to a certain extent – suitable for membrane layers and liquid foils under inelastic coatings for interior and exterior surfaces, as well as water proofing indoors under tiles and screed.

TPR Systems RV 310 resin is characterised by a very high elasticity, which ensures a lasting extensibility so that movements in the underground can be better absorbed. Due to the surface tackiness the coating surface might tend to become contaminated with dust or dirt. Since a membrane coat made from TPR Systems RV 310 resin is generally covered by tiles, screed or a further coat this fact can be ignored.

In order to work out an individual solution for your job please contact our Technical Department for detailed information.


Coating material made from TPR Systems RV 310 resin need a suitable priming, e.g. TPR Systems R 51 resin before applying on concrete.

The resin shall be formulated by fine filler and can be stored ready for use in small units.

After preparing the concrete surface according to the technical rules (ball blasting, grinding, cleaning, etc.) apply the primer TPR Systems R 51 resin first. After curing apply the coating mixture according to the formulation given in table 1 in a layer of 1.5 mm thickness by using comb trowel or smoothing trowel. It is important to avoid blisters during application. Also consider to apply the material up the walls, piles or fixed machinery at least 5-10 cm to avoid water leakage.

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