TPR Systems RU 727 resin is a low-viscosity, transparent, solvent-free 3-component methacrylic resin with enhanced substrate adhesion.


TPR Systems RU 727 resin is used as a primer on concrete, cement and asphalt substrates and as an intermediate primer on existing coatings. TPR Systems RU 727 resin can be used on metal and ceramic substrates if TPR Systems Additive M adhesion promotor is used. As a primer on mineral substrates with subsequent colour sealing, TPR Systems RU 727 must also be in pigmented form. In the case of colour sealing on asphalt, pigmented TPR Systems RU 727 resin is applied directly, but a careful inspection of the substrate is absolutely essential. If the inherent strength is sufficient, it is only possible to seal or coat asphalt substrates in interior rooms that are as tightly temperature controlled as possible.

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