TPR Systems R 7 mortar is a solvent-free 2-component methacrylic resin mortar with a very high compressive strength. It is used as a fillable, highly stress-resistant concrete coating in thickness of 4 – 6 mm.

Because of the enormously great strength, the concrete surface can be made resistant to heavy wear. The mortar surface has a similar appearance to that of a modified concrete grade. The hardening time is about 1 hour at +20 °C, and hardening takes place in temperatures ranging from -10 °C to +35 °C. The very low viscosity enables rapid mixability and application to be achieved.


Preferred fields of use are floors for indoor areas in heavy industry which are subject to strong mechanical stresses.

TPR Systems R 7 mortar should not be applied over large areas of deep-freeze rooms and outdoors. We recommend that you use impact-resistant types such as TPR Systems RV 368 instead.

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