TPR Systems R 62 resin is a medium-viscosity methacrylic resin that is outstandingly suitable for self-levelling coatings of 1 – 4 mm, predominantly indoors or as a top coat for elastic floorings outdoors. Coatings with TPR Systems R 62 resin can bridge cracks to certain degree. Visually appealing surfaces and systems can be developed when used in conjunction with a variety of fillers, pigments or decorative materials.

TPR Systems R 62 resin is characterized by good fl ow properties and therefore tends not to form trowel marks, assuming that the suggested filler recipe is used. The slight plasticization ensures universal application.TPR Systems R 62 resin is roughly comparable with TPR Systems R 61 resin in terms of its physical characteristics. TPR Systems R 62 resin is predomi-nantly recommended for sprinkling coloured flakes (loosely or saturated) and for smooth universal shades. The surface is preferably applied with TPR Systems R 72 resin.


TPR Systems R 62 resin is used as a binder in manufacturing various coating types and recipes. Possible substrates for interiors include concrete, screed and ceramic tiles. A variety of different systems can be formulated from TPR Systems R 62 resin depending on the application and stresses. Some standard recipes, which can be or may have to be adapted if alternative fillers are used are suggested below. In this regard we suggest that you conduct laboratory tests using your fillers or pigments.

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