TPR Systems R 61 resin is a solvent-free, medium viscosity 2-component methacrylic resin of a slightly elasticized character.  It is employed as a binder in the manufacture of self-levelling coatings sprinkled with quartz sand or for smoothable fl oorings with coloured quartz, predominantly in the food industry (wet areas), in coat thickness of 2 – 3 mm or 4 – 6 mm.

Hot water stress is limited to +60 °C. This limit may be briefl y exceeded to +80 °C for cleaning purposes, but only if the floor is not completely warmed through.


Depending on the mechanical stresses, a distinction is made between a thin and a thick coating. For fork-lift truck traffi c the minimum thickness of 4 mm must be observed. For temperatures below +5 °C and for outdoor use on concrete, more highly-elasticized resin types are preferred (e. g. TPR Systems R 61 HW or RV 368 resin).

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