The TPR Systems R 21 / R 22 / R 24 resin range comprises solvent-based 1-component methacrylic resins of varying consistencies offering high light fastness and chemical resistance for surface protection.

TPR Systems R 21 resin = low viscosity, colourless, glossy

TPR Systems R 22 resin = medium viscosity, colourless, matt

TPR Systems R 22 OM resin = medium viscosity, colourless, glossy

TPR Systems R 24 resin = high viscosity, contains filler, silk-finish

Physical drying results in thin, highly weather-resistant protective films which have proven their worth particularly as carbonation inhibitors for reinforced concrete, dust protection on floors and decorative coats for floors and walls.


These resins serve to impregnate concrete, cement and anhydride screeds.

TPR SystemsR 21 resin also acts as a deep-penetration primer for poorly absorbent substrates. Long durability presupposes that the substrate has sufficient bearing capacity, is dry and is free of dust.

Due to its low viscosity the addition of TPR Systems Pigment Powder to TPR Systems R 21 resin produces quick-drying marking paints, e. g. for multi-storey car parks and parking lots, courtyards, entry roads and factory halls. Light reflection at night can be improved by sprinkling in glass beads of particle size 0.5 mm.

TPR Systems R 22 or TPR Systems R 24 resin can be pigmented by TPR Systems Pigment Powder to provide a decorative concrete protective coat.

TPR Systems R 24 resin already contains fine filler.

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