TPR Systems Additive ZA supports the low-temperature hardening of methacrylic based TPR reactive resins in combination with dibenzyl peroxide as hardener in the temperature range from +5 °C to -25 °C.

TPR Systems Additive ZA is a thin, brownish liquid which is stirred into the relevant methacrylic resin together with the fillers and/or pigments immediately before the coating material is applied. Only then is the hardening powder added.

The added accelerator ensures better through-hardening at temperatures below +5 °C. The effect is limited to -25 °C with the simultaneous use of the greatest possible quantity of hardening powder. As a rule of thumb, the quantity to add is 1 % per -10 °C, i. e. at -25 °C the quantity is 2.5 – 3 %, and at -5 °C about 0.5 %, in relation to pure resin.

These include TPR Systems R 52, R 62, RV 310 or RV 368 resin. Other resin types on request.

TPR Systems Additive ZA must never be used in areas above +10 °C, as this can lead to an overreaction with increased quantities of residual monomers. This will restrict the mechanical properties. Application at low temperatures will lead to very little reduction in mechanical values since sufficient heat dissipation into the surroundings is ensured. All resins and fillers must be cooled down to the low ambient temperatures in good time, as otherwise the pot life will be greatly reduced. Colourless resin types can be expected to show significant yellowing. It is therefore recommended that they are used primarily in filled and pigmented systems. If the coating is to be designed specifically for use at low temperatures, the resin types must also be suitable for that purpose, so we recommend that the highly elastic types such as TPR Systems RV 368 be used with TPR Systems R 62 as a top coat.

TPR Systems Additive ZA is subject to strict safety regulations governing transport, storage and handling.

Please follow the relevant instructions in the safety data sheets.

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