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General Product Advice

For all of our product range it is essential that the substrate is inspected before any work begins. The inspection should focus not only on the structural or static conditions of the construction, but also weather and environment-related influences.

An important criterion is above all the intended chemical or mechanical use to which the flooring system will be put. Sufficient attention must also be paid to possible disruptive influences from the substrate, e. g. the use of concrete additives, PCC stopper masses, emulsion-based screeds, the application of wax or release agents on a surface, in order to avoid hardening problems or poor adhesion of the subsequent methacrylic coating.

The building site must be inspected in the presence of the customer and applicator so that the right coating system and the associated thickness, colour, decorative effect and slip resistance can be selected, making due allowance for the anticipated mechanical and chemical strains and the condition of the substrate. We have many years of experience and our methodology has been tailored to the application of our TPR products.

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