Porfil RE40 Product properties:

  • excellent penetration capabilities into concrete / floor screed
  • grip and surface roughness of the underground are maintained
  • not film forming
  • permanent sealant
  • withstands water pressure
  • improves the mechanical properties of concrete surfaces
  • abrasion resistance and tensile strength
  • steam brake
  • CO2-diffusion brake
  • high chemical resistance to oil, grease, kerosene, etc.
  • prevents penetration of chlorides etc.
  • easy-to-clean surface
  • UV resistant
  • simple and quick application
  • short waiting time
  • tested product according to the german guidelines and standards for repair and protection of concrete (TL/TP-BEL-EP / ZTV BEL B / DIN EN 1504)
  • conductivity according to DIN IEC 61340, DIN 100015, DIN EN 1081-98, ASTM F 150-98.



  • curing of floor screed and green concrete
  • reduction of plastic shrinkage cracks as a result of early drying-out
  • reduction of the deformation behaviour of concrete or floor screed (shrinkage etc.)
  • layers of suitable paintings and coatings can be added sooner

Pore filling primer:

  • For priming backside moisture penetrated concrete or floor screed elements
  • layers of suitable paintings and coatings can be applied shorty after application

Surface protection:

  • Surface protection of concrete- or floor screed elements
  • improving of the mechanical specific values
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